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The registration for the 7th edition of Magurski Ultramarathon is open – sign up on the registration website.

In 2021 you can choose from 4 different routes:

→ More information about running trails you can find on Route website.

→ Before signing up we recommend to read our Event Entry Terms & Conditions.

→ You can check the run participants lists on this website.

From 1st of June there is no need to split the event participation fee into two parts (the registration fee and the entry fee). Please pay full payment at once. The event participation fee differs depends on running trail and time of payment – more details below:


Running Trail

June 2021

July/ August 2021

22 km

75 PLN 

90 PLN

45+ km

160 PLN 

180 PLN

65 km

185 PLN 

205 PLN

105+ km

185 PLN 

205 PLN

More detailed information can be found in our Event Entry Terms & Conditions.