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Event Entry Terms & Conditions

Ultramaraton Magurski 2021

Event Entry Terms & Conditions - Ultramaraton Magurski 2021

1. General Conditions

1.1. All Ultramarathon Magurski running events (hereinafter referred to as „Running Event”) is the individual, long-distance, linear (the marked route) mountain run.  

1.2. “Participant” – (except as described in point 7.3.), undertaking voluntarily and consciously participation in the Running Event and accepting its rules.

1.3. “Organiser” – Kardach Trade Travel Events – Monika Kardach, ul. Ignacy Paderewski 190; 35-330 Rzeszów; NIP: 8133587037

1.4. “Co-organizer” – „Z Górki” Foundation ul. Stefana Czarnieckiego 2/8 01-511 Warsaw

1.5. “Event Entry Terms & Conditions”  – a set of rules and arrangements created by the Organiser and applicable to every Participant during the Running Event.

2. Running Event Purpose

2.1. Mountain running promotion.

2.2. The Magura National Park promotion.

2.3. The Low Beskids (Beskid Niski) promotion.

2.4. District Jasło promotion. 

2.5. Municipalities Krempna promotion.

2.6 Promotion of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

3. Organiser

Kardach Trade Travel Events – Monika Kardach, ul. Ignacy Paderewski 190; 35-330 Rzeszów; NIP: 8133587037

4. Running Routs

Magurski Ultramarathon Running Event is planned to be held on 4 running routes: 

4.1. MaguRun 22km – Friday 13th August 2021

4.2. Maguraton 45+km – Saturday 14th August 2021

4.3: Ultra 65 km and Ultra 105+km – Saturday 14th August 2021

The Ultra 65 km and Ultra 105+ km Participants make the final choice for the route (65 km or 105+ km) on the control point in Krempna village. Each Ultra run Participant has 30 minutes to take the decision and inform the Organiser. The additional time limit for Ultra 105 km participants  is also obliged on the Krempna control point.  

4.4. The Organiser reserves the rights to change the routes of the Running Event routes. Any changes must be communicated to Participant via online communication channels such as the Run website (, social media channels (Facebook Ultramaraton Magurski) and e-mail sent to Participant. 

5. Date and place 

5.1. Start of MaguRun 22km run –  Friday 13th August 2021 at 16:00 in Krempna village 

5.2. End of MaguRun 22km run: Friday 13th August 2021 at 20:00 in Krempna village 

5.3. Start of the Maguraton 45+km run: Saturday 14th August 2021, at 09:00 in Krempna village.

5.4. End of the Maguraton 45+km run: Saturday 14th August 2021, at 18:00 in Krempna village. 

5.5. Start of the Ultra 65 km and Ultra 105+ km runs: Saturday 14th August 2021, at 05:00 in Krempna village.

5.6. End of the Ultra 65 km run: Saturday 14th August 2021, at 17:00 in Krempna village.

5.7. End of the Ultra 105+ km run: Saturday 14th August 2021, at 23:00 in Krempna village.

5.8. The Event Office will be open on the dates specified in chapter 14 of the Event Entry Terms & Conditions.

6. Routes in details

6.1. MaguRun 22 km running route will go via Krempna, Pod Kamień, Hałbowska Pass, Kotań, Pod Ostryszem, Kolanin, Hałbowska Pass, Krempna.

6.2. Maguraton 45+ km running route will go via Krempna, Kąty, Chyrowa, Myscowa, Polany, Krempna.

6.3. Ultra 65 km running route will be via Krempna, Pod Kamieniem, Kolanin, Pod Ostryszem, Magura Wątkowska, Bacówka PTTK w Bartnem, Wołowiec, Nieznajowa, Radocyna, Przełęcz Pod Zajęczym Wierchem, Przełęcz Beskid nad Ożenną, Ożenna, Wysokie, Żydowskie, Krempna.

6.4. Ultra 105 km running route will be via Krempna, Pod Kamieniem, Kolanin, Pod Ostryszem, Magura Wątkowska, Bacówka PTTK w Bartnem, Wołowiec, Nieznajowa, Radocyna, Przełęcz Pod Zajęczym Wierchem, Przełęcz Beskid nad Ożenną, Ożenna, Wysokie, Żydowskie, Krempna, Kąty, Chyrowa, Myscowa, Polany, Krempna.

6.5. Due to the difficulty of the routes each Participant is obliged to familiarize himself with the Magurski Ultramarathon running trails before entering the Running Event.

6.6. The Magurski Ultramarathon running routes go mainly in line with the official tourist routes marked by Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society (PTTK).  The part of Magurski Ultramarathon routes that do not follow the official tracks and might be difficult to recognize will be additionally marked by Organiser.

7. Participants

7.1. The start in the Running Event is voluntary.

7.2. Each participant takes part in the competition at his own risk.

7.3. Each Participant of the Running Event must be 18 years old, at the latest on the Running Event start date. 

7.4. Each participant acknowledges and accepts that participation in the race is associated with high sport effort and involves natural risks and hazards of accidents, the risk of injuries and physical injuries (including death) as well as material loss or damage. Moreover, the participation in the Running Event may involve other risk factors, which are impossible to predict at the moment.

7.5. Each Participant is required to sign a declaration of knowledge and acceptance of the Event Entry Terms & Conditions.  By signing this declaration the Participant agrees to provide himself first pre-med aid and transport to a safe place by persons acting on behalf of the Organiser. Signing the declaration of knowledge and acceptance of the Event Entry Terms & Conditions means that the Participant has considered and assessed the scope and nature of the risk related to the participation in the Ultramarathon Magurski Running Event, decided to start voluntarily and solely at his own risk.

7.6. Before entering the Running Event each Participant submits to the Organiser a written declaration of lack of medical contraindications to take part in the Running event and start at his own risk.

7.7. The Participant will not claim compensation from the Organiser in the event of health damage or material losses related to participation in the Running Event.

7.8.  The Participant must comply with the rules established by the Organizer and strictly follow his instructions as well as the directions of persons designated by the Organizer.

7.9. The briefing speech before longer routes (Maguraton 45 km, Ultra 65 km, Ultra 105 km) will be recorded and shared with all participants no later than 1 day before each route start date.

7.10. By taking part in the Running Event, the Participant accepts these Terms & Conditions and agrees to the free use of his image recorded in the form of a photo or video, giving Organizer a free license to use it in all fields of use, including: recording and disseminating in any form, saving on organizer hardware to be used for the Running Event promotion and organization, making it available to sponsors and partners of the Magurski Ultramarathon (in order to promote them as Running Event sponsors/ partners), posting and publishing in publications, promotional printed materials, in the press, on the Internet, TV and radio broadcasts. The participant also agrees to the processing of his personal data for the purposes related to the organization and promotion of the Running Event and acknowledges that he has the right to access and correct his data. Personal data will be stored in a safe place in accordance with applicable law and will not be processed for the purposes other than those indicated in the Event Entry Terms & Conditions.

8. Rules during Running Event 

8.1. The Participant is obliged to move and carry all the necessary equipment without using any forms of transport or assistance (support) from third parties.

8.2. The Participant may use the Refreshment Points (food & drinks), available on each running route, provided by the Organizer.

8.3 The Participant may, on his own and at their own expense, make purchases in stores located along the running routes.

8.4. Participants of the Ultra 105+ km route can use the baggage pack in Krempna village (65th km) before moving on to the rest of the route.

8.5.  The Refreshment Points locations  will be included in the detailed routes description and published on Ultramaraton Magurski website before the Running Event. 

8.6. Participants of Routes Maguraton 45+km/ Ultra 65km/ Ultra 105+km are absolutely obliged to have:

⦁ charged mobile phone with working roaming *, the number of which is noted on the application form along with the contact to closest person (ICE) *,

⦁ ID card or passport *,

⦁ emergency blanket / NRC foil in standard size,

backpack or belt speed (kidney)

⦁ fluid container (water, bottle or water bottle / water bottles) with a total capacity of at least 1 liter ,

⦁ a cup for drinks provided at the Refreshment Points (the Organizer does not provide cups at the Refreshment Points) *,

⦁ additionally a headlamp for participants who run 105km.

All points marked by * are obliged for all MaguRun 22km participants.

Recommended accessories:

⦁ outfit adjusted to the weather conditions,

⦁ map or uploaded gpx track,

⦁ food and drink in sufficient quantity (in its sole discretion),

first aid kit 

⦁ abrasion ointment / UV cream.

Mandatory equipment may be checked by the Organiser in any moment of the runs as well as immediately before the start and after crossing the finish line. The lack of any equipment item may result in a time penalty or Participant exclusion from the competition without the right to claim a refund of the starting fee.

8.6. Campfires in the forest and in its vicinity are forbidden.

8.7. Camping (organized rest) on the entire route is strictly forbidden except for the places indicated by the Organizer (Refreshment Points).

8.8. It is forbidden to move around the agricultural crops, nurseries and private land.

8.9. Participants are required to comply with rules of moving on the public roads, road traffic rules and fire safety rules. The routes partly lead along public roads, where it is mandatory to comply with the rules of the road, pursuant to the provisions of the Act of June 20, 1997. Road Traffic Law (Journal of Laws 2012.1137 i.e.).

8.10 On the entire running routes, it is obligatory to comply with the rules of nature protection, and in the Magura National Park also to the orders and prohibitions included in the regulations of the Magura National Park. In particular, it is forbidden to leave any items on the premises of the MPN (all rubbish should be taken with you or left at checkpoints/refreshment points ) and disturbing the silence and disturbing animals. Failure to comply with these rules will result in immediate disqualification.

8.9. The Organizer’s telephone number and emergency numbers will be provided on the starting number. It is recommended that the Participant enters these numbers into the telephone before the start of the Running Event.

8.10. If, during the Run, a dangerous event or a dangerous situation occurs in the zone with limited mobile phone coverage and it becomes impossible to contact the Organizer or the relevant services by phone, the Participant is obliged to use other means to call for help. Each Participant is obliged to immediately notify the Organizer of the event.

8.11.  Each participant is obliged to assist the other Participant in the event of an accident. Failure to help another Participant will result in absolute disqualification.

8.12. The Checkpoints (equipped with electronic time measurement devices) will be placed among running routes. Their location will be marked on the Run map. Each Participant should make sure that the measuring device recorded his presence at the checkpoint. Failure to record attendance at the checkpoint may result in the Participant’s disqualification.

8.13. Checkpoints will be open from the start of the Runs until all Participants reach the Control Point, as well as fifteen minutes after the last Participant leaves the Checkpoint.

8.14. Due to the safety of Participants and the expected time to reach the finish line, the time limits are obliged on each Checkpoint. The exact time limits are indicated in the table, which is an integral part of the regulations. Exceeding the Checkpoint time limit will disqualify the Participant. Participants who reach the Checkpoint after the time limit will be stopped and transported back to the Finish Zone in Krempna by Organizer.

8.15. Each Participant is absolutely obliged to immediately inform the Organizer about resignation from continuing the Run. Information may be provided by phone or SMS to the contact phone number provided by the Organizer. In case of lack of such information and leaving the running route by his own, the Participant will be charged with the costs of the search action and will be obliged to pay a contractual penalty of PLN 1,000 (say: one thousand PLN ) to the Organizer. Due to the difficult to access terrain, it is recommended to resign at one of the Checkpoints. The Organizer – except in situations with medical assistance need –  does not provide transport for the Participant who resigns from further participation in the Run outside the Control Point zone.

9. Time Limits

9.1. Along the running routes will be designated time limits which, if exceeded, will result in disqualification of the participant.Time limits will be appointed to defeat the whole route, separate limits for individual checkpoints and limit entry into the long route.

9.2. Time limit to complete the entire run (time limits are counted when Participant is leaving the Checkpoint):

⦁ For MaguRun 22km: 4 hours (until 20:00)

– additional time limit on Checkpoint on 10th km: 2 hours.

⦁ For Maguraton 45+km: 9,5 hours (until 18:30)

– additional time limit on Checkpoint on 20th km: 4 hours.

⦁ For Ultra 65km: 12 hours (until 17:00)

– additional time limit on Checkpoint on 45th km point: 9 hours

⦁ For Ultra 105+km: 18 hours (until 23:00), moreover below time limits must be obliged on dedicated Checkpoints: 

– additional time limit on Checkpoint on 45th km: 9 hours,

– additional time limit on Checkpoint on 65th km: 11 hours, 

– additional time limit on Checkpoint on Chyrowa (85th km): 14.5 hours

10. Weather

10.1. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel or stop the Running Event if the weather conditions threaten the life or health of the Participants.

11. Benefits (starter kit)

11.1. The organizer provides each Participant of the Running Event with:

⦁ the possibility of starting the race,

⦁ a canvas bag with the Ultramaraton Magurski logo or other Ultramaraton Magurski gadget,

⦁ an entry ticket to the Magura National Park,

⦁ medical assistance and rescue protection,

⦁ the starting number, (the Participant is obligated to make it visible throughout the Running Event in order to ensure safety and control),⦁ 

⦁ a medal confirming the completion of the Ultramaraton Magurski Running Event (only for people who complete the Run within the time limit – according to 9th point of Event Entry Terms & Regulations), 

⦁ drinks and light meals at Refreshment Points,

⦁ regeneration meal after the Run (standard or vegetarian),

⦁ material prizes for (at least) the top three athletes (separately women and men),

Trophies for the top three athletes (separately women and men),

⦁ photo service during Running Event 

11.2. In case of payment later than 30 days before Run Organizers can not guarantee the completeness starter kit

12. Applications, registration and entry fees

12.1. Applications for the Run are made by filling in the application form (available on the website) and payment of the registration fee and, at a later date, the starting fee to the Organiser’s account.

12.2. The Participant has 14 days after online registration to pay the registration fee. In case of no payment within the given deadline, the Participant may be removed from the starting list (the Participant has the right to re-register if there are still free places).

12.3. In case of contentious issues between the Participant and the Organizer, payment date is understood posting date on Organiser’s bank account.

12.4. Online registration form will be open on the Ultramaraton Magurski website on 12/12/2020 at 18:00.

12.5 The registration fee rules are: 

  • The registration fee is 30 PLN for all routes, payable up to 14 days after online registration. The rest of the entry fee will be collected from 01/06/2021.
  • After paying the registration fee of 30 PLN, the Participant pays the missing part  of the total event entry fee, according to the below payment table.
  • The registration fee is non-refundable.
  • The registration fee (as well as the entry fee) may be transferred to another event participant

Running Trail

June 2021

July/ August 2021

22 km

75 PLN (- 30 PLN)

90 PLN (-30 PLN)

45+ km

160 PLN (-30 PLN)

180 PLN (-30 PLN)

65 km

185 PLN (-30 PLN)

205 PLN (-30 PLN)

105+ km

185 PLN (-30 PLN)

205 PLN (-30 PLN)

* If the Participant has paid the registration fee 30 PLN this amount should be reduced from the total event entry fee. For example: in June the event participation fee for Ultra 105 km runners is 185 PLN. As the Participant already paid 30 PLN as the registration fee, he/she needs to pay in June an additional 150 PLN. 

12.6. The payment should be pain on Organiser’s bank account: 

Kardach TTE

ul. Ignacego Paderewskiego 190,

35-330 Rzeszów 

Ban account number: 42249000050000460052396936 (bank: Alior Bank)

Please add additional note with below information:

Entry Fee, Selected Route (MaguRun 22km/ Maguraton 45+km/ Ultra 65 km/ Ultra 105+ km), Participants Name and Surname

To receive an invoice, please inform the Organizer ( via email sent on kontakt@magurski) before the payment.

12.7. The maximum number of participants for each route: 

  • MaguRun 22 km – 500 participants
  • Maguraton 45+km – 200 participants
  • Ultra 65 km and Ultra 105+km – 300 participants 

12.8. The organizer reserves the right to change the number of places for each route during the registration period (depending on the number of total participants).

12.9. The registration deadline is 5th of August 2020 or when the limit of Participants is reached. Only in exceptional cases, after consultation with the Organizers, it will be possible to join the competition after this date.

12.10. Filling in the application form on the website is obligatory and provided Participant data (personal data, address, telephone number, e-mail and T-shirt size) are necessary to verify the Participant. By registering, the Participant agrees on the collection and processing of their personal data for the purposes related to the organization of the Running Event.

12.11. The Participant is obliged to share Participant own mobile phone number (at which the Participant will be available during Running Event) and the phone number of the person to be notified in case of emergency (ICE number – In Case of Emergency).

12.12. Each Participant is obliged to submit a declaration that decides to take part in the Running Event at his own risk and responsibility and that there are no health contraindications for Running Event participation. The Participants declarations will be collected by the Organizer before the start in the Event Office when Participant verification and handing over the Run Starter Pack. 

12.13. In case of event cancellation the registration fee (30 PLN) will be allocated to a souvenir package for the virtual run. The souvenir package will be delivered directly to the event participant by post. 

12.14. The entry fee is a fee for participation in the Run, not a fee for the Run Starter Pack. The entry fee is intended to cover Running Event organization costs. The entry fee is non-returnable, it can be transferred to another competitor.

12.15. In case of insufficient entry fee payment (e.g. not corresponding to the currently applicable rate resulting from the Terms & Conditions), the Participant is obliged to settle the missing amount as soon as possible to meet payment deadlines. 

12.16. In case of Participant’s resignation the entry fee might be transferred to another participant. The Participant should do it on his own, no later than 14 days before Running Event start date – no later than 29/07/2021). The Organizer should be informed by e-mail sent to The email should contain all data required for new participant registration. There will be no possibility to transfer entry fee after 29/07/2021.

12.17. In case of transferring entry fee to another participant, the Participant is obliged to pay additional service fee 10 PLN (fee for changing the Participant’s data in registration system). The service fee should be paid by the Participants who resign from the start, unless both participants decide otherwise. It is required to send service fee payment confirmation while sending email with resignation. 

12.18. The registration fee and entry fee cannot be transferred to the Running Event next edition.

12.19. The Organiser reserves the right to add to the starting lists additional participants from among the representatives of Sponsors, Co-organizers and GOPR Rescuers.

12.20. The participants invited to the Running Event by the Organizer, including the winners of the sixth edition of Running Event, are exempt from paying the entry fee.

13. Classification

13.1. Open Men and Women at all routes.

14. Event Office

The Event Office will be open:

  • On 13th August 2021 from 10:00 to 22:00
  • On 14th August 2021 from 04:00 to 08:30

15. Accommodation and deposits

15.1. The accommodation in tourist conditions (staying overnight at Public School in Krempna – collective meeting required own sleeping bag and mattress, access to toilets and showers) will be possible. The accommodation fee will be at least 5 PLN / person  and the entire payment will be transferred to the Krempna Public School. The Organizer is not responsible for personal belongings left unattended in the accommodation place.

15.2 The Organizer does not provide a deposit.

15.4. Participants of the Ultra 105+ km route can use the baggage pack in Krempna village (65th km) before moving on to the rest of the route. The baggage must be submitted at the latest 30 minutes before the start of the race in a dedicated place at the StartZone. The Organizer is not responsible for items left in the bag.

16. Final statements

16.1. The above Event Race Terms & Conditions define the rules of participation in the 7th edition of Ultramaration Magurski in 2021.

16.2. The rules and regulations apply to all persons and institutions related to the Running Event, both the Organizer and Participants.

16.3. Settlement of disputes belongs to the Organiser.

16.4. Bylaws are subject to change, and the changes will be published on the official website 

16.5. Cases not provided for in these Terms and Conditions shall be settled by the Organiser.

16.6. Failure to comply with the Rules will result in disqualification.