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As you probably already know, due to COVID, we had to make some changes in runs starting hours- take a look on below notes:

➡️Ultra distances (65+ and 100+) – we have two starting groups: at 5:00 AM for those who declared distance 100+ km and 5:30 for those who are planning to run distance 65+ km. We count net times and you can still make final decision about the distance in control zone in Ożenna.
➡️MaguRun 22 km runners – we sent you questionnaire and asked for prefered starting time. Thank you for those who replied – we will confirm your choice via email. Summarizing, those runners who prefer to start at 3:30 PM will start so; those who chose 4:00 PM will start at 4:00 PM.

Important! We will not send the questionnaire to new registered runners – feel free to choose best time and just come on time (we are ready to add you both groups).

We will share next updates soon – stay tuned and follow us on Facebook.