1. General

1.1. Ultramarathon Magurski is a individual, long-distance, linear (the marked route) mountain run, hereinafter referred to as „Run.”

1.2. Participant – an adult, undertaking voluntarily and consciously participate in the Run and accepting its rules.

1.3. Organiser – a person participating in the preparation and conduct of the Magura Ultramarathon.

1.4. Terms and Conditions – a set of rules and arrangements created by the Organiser and the applicable during the Run.

2. The purpose

2.1. Promotion of the mountain running

2.2. Promotion of the Magura National Park.

2.3. Low Beskid promotion.

2.4. District Jaslo promotion.

2.5. Municipalities Krempna promotion.

3. Organiser

„Z Górki” Foundation registered in ul. Czarnieckiego 2 m 8, 01-511 Warszawa and as a partner Bieg Rzeźnika Foundation registered in ul. Kaczyniec 10/2, 44-100 Gliwice,

4. Distance

Magura ultra marathon will take place over a distance of 65+ km, and 100+ km. Participants decide which one they want to finally complete. As an acompanying run there will be also distance of 22 km (Saturday) and 12 km (Friday).

5. Date and place of the Run

5.1. Start of both ultra distances 65+ and 105 is on Saturday, August 17nd 2019 at 5 AM in Krempna.

5.2. Start of MaguRun 22km is on Saturday, August 17nd 2019 at 8 AM in Krempna.

5.3. Start of Bieg na Wysokie 12km run will take place on Friday 16th of August 2019 at 2PM in Krempna.

5.4. End of the competition on the same day at 8 PM, Krempna

5.5. Race Office will be open on August 16 (Friday) in Krempna from 2 PM to 8:30 PM and Saturday August 17 from 4 AM to 8 PM

6. Course

6.1.12 km distance will go on the loop: Krempna, Żydowskie, Wysokie, Żydowskie, Krempna

6.2. 20 km distance will go via: Krempna, Pod Kamieniem, Przełęcz Hałbowska,  Kotań, Pod Ostryszem, Kolanin, Przełęcz Hałbowska, Krempna.

6.3. 63km distance will go via: Krempna, Kamień, Desznica, Kolanin, Pod Ostryszem, Magura Wątkowska, Bartne, Wołowiec, Nieznajowa, Przełęcz nad Ożenną, Ożenna, Wysokie, Żydowskie, Krempna

6.4. 105km distance: Krempna, Kamień, Desznica, Kolanin, Pod Ostryszem, Magura Wątkowska, Bartne, Wołowiec, Nieznajowa, Przełęcz nad Ożenną, Przełęcz Mazgalica, Olchowiec, Chyrowa, Kąty, Krempna

6.5. Sections of the course does not lead delineated mountain trails and ones that may cause difficulty in identifying the route will be further marked by the organizers.

7. Participants

7.1. Flying start is voluntary.

7.2. Each participant takes part in the event at their own risk.

7.3. Each participant must be at least 18 years old for ultra distances and 16 years old for MaguRun 22km (with permition from parents or legal guardians) and younger on the distance 12km when he starts with parents.

7.4. Each participant acknowledges that participation in the race is associated with high sport effort and involves natural risks and hazards of accidents, the risk of injuries and physical injuries, including death.

7.5. Each participant personally sign a declaration of lack of medical contraindications to compete and start at your own risk.

7.6. All participants will not claim compensation from the organizers in the event of incurring bodily injury or property damage.

7.7. All participants must comply with the rules laid down by the organizer.

7.8. During the briefing before the start Participants will be informed about the possible dangers of the route.

7.9. All participants starting in an attempt to agree to a free publication of their image and data in relation to the trial published in the media and in advertising, promotional materials, organisers, partners, sponsors and media sponsors. Personal data will be kept in line with EU regulations and won’t be processed in other purposes than those mentioned in the above run regulations.

8. Rules on the road

8.1. Each participant is required to move and carry him all the necessary luggage, on his own, without the use of any transport.

8.2. You can use the way of eateries and grocery stores.

8.3. Location of these points will be included in the detailed description of the route handed to each Participant at the start.

8.4. Participants for 65+ and 100+ distances are required to have:

– charged mobile phone and roaming, Participiant is obliged to deliver phone number to Organizer before start*,

– ID card or passport*,

– emergency blanket / Space blanket,

– backpack or belt speed (kidney)

– canteen or water bottle / water bottles with a total capacity of at least 1 liter.

– cup for drinks server on the run

– headlamp for runners who participate in 100+km run

All points marked by * are obligatory for MaguRun 22km

Recommended accessories:

– suit adapted to the weather conditions,

– map or uploaded gpx track

– food and drink in sufficient quantity (in its sole discretion),

– headlamp,

– first aid kit to do,

– Sudokrem or petrolatum,

8.5. Campfires in the forest and in its vicinity are forbidden.

8.6. Camping in prohibited areas is forbidden.

8.7. It is forbidden to move around the agricultural crops, nurseries and private land.

8.8. Participants are required to comply with rules of moving on the public roads, road traffic rules and fire safety rules.

8.9. Important phone numbers (emergency) will be located on the map.

8.10. If there is a dangerous situation or event, and cell phones will lose coverage and not able to contact the Medical Services on, you have to use other means to call for help, in such a way as to attract attention.

8.11. Each participant is obliged to assist the other Participant in the event of an accident.

8.12. At the start, the registration of the participants, will be mandatory control equipment. The lack of any of these elements equipment means disqualification.

8.13. The route will operate Checkpoints. The location of these points will be marked on the map Run.

8.14. Checkpoints will be open from the first player to the point where the route will be closed as a stage. However, due to the safety of the athletes and the estimated time at which players should get to the finish before sunset every checkopit has his own limit (see table below). Exceeding the limit will be disqualified. Each competitor who exceed time limit must come down from the route at a checkpoint where it will be taken to Krempna.

8.15. Each participant is obliged to inform the organisers of resignation. Information can be telephone or via SMS to the given telephone number by the organizers. In the absence of information, the Participant may be charged for search action taken by the GOPR (Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue)!

9. Limits

9.1. Along the route will be designated time limits which, if exceeded will result in disqualification of the participant. Limit will be appointed to defeat the whole route, separate limits for individual checkpoints and limit entry into the long route.

9.2. On the distance 22km time limit is 4 hours, distance 65+km time limit is 12 hours (until 5 PM), on the distance 100+km limit of 15 hours (until 8 PM). There is no time limit of Friday 12km run.

List of fixed checkpoints and nutrients along with the limits

Below is an indicative list of checkpoints and habits, a detailed list will be announced at a later date. We do not expect big changes.

Control point Pod Ostryszem, 17km Wołowiec, 34 km Przełęcz Beskid nad Ożenną, 50 km Olchowiec, 73 km Chyrowa, 81 km
Distance 65+ / 100+ km 65+ km / 100+ km 65+ km / 100+ km 100+ km 100+ km
Nutritional point yes yes yes yes yes
Check out point yes yes yes no yes
Time limit distance 65+ km – 3h
distance 100+ km – 3h
distance 65+ km – 5h
distance 100+ km – 5h
distance 65+ km – 9h
distance 100+ km – 7h
distance 100+ km – 11h 12h

10. Cancellation

If a participant decides not to compete during the race must immediately inform the organisers. Those who do not notify their descent from the tour will be charged with undue rescue.

The organiser does not provide transportation to the base for people who give up their rivalry for reasons other than an accident or injury.

11. Weather

The event will take place regardless of the weather.

12. Benefits (starter kit)

12.1. The organisers will provide participants with:

– Marked route maps and a detailed description of the Run, which will be distributed to participants on the day of launch,

– Insurance,

– Medical assistance (for the duration of Run) in the form of a special group of Mountain Rescue Lifeguards –GOPR.

– Starting number. Place it in a prominent place to ensure the safety and control during Run,

– T-shirt, and those who reach the finish line will receive medals confirming completion,

– Multifunctional shawl (for ultra distance runners)

– The organizer provides 2 nights in tourist terms (school in Krempna),

– Drinks and light meals nutrition points,

– Regenerative meal after the race (standard or vegetarian),

– At least prizes for the top three athletes in each of the courses,

– Trophies for the top three athletes in each of the routes,

– Photographic services,

as the acquisition of additional sponsors gadgets from partners and sponsors of the Run.

12.2. In case of payment later than 30 days before Run Oragnisers can not guarantee the completeness starter kit.

12.3. All participants will have a chance to win Fiat 126p. Each participant need to be present on Saturday at 5PM in the Fan Zone in Krempna. If the participant will be still running than he will get the prize after reaching the finish line

13. Applications and registration

13.1. Applications to Run takes place on the basis of registration with the registration form on the website and payment on account of the entry fee.

13.2. The form will be opened 01/12/2018 at 8 PM

13.3. The entry fee shall be paid into an account in the bank ING: 37 1050 1012 1000 0090 3049 0321 with the note „Ultramarathon/MaguRun/Bieg Na Wysokie, Participant’s name, place of residence”.

13.4. Maximum capacity is 500 on Friday (12km run) and 500 on Saturday (Ultra distances and 22km run), and it is the number of impassable. Those who make the payment after the limit is reached will receive a refund.

13.5. The deadline for submissions is August 5th 2018 or earlier, after reporting the maximum number of Participants.

13.6. Complete the registration form on the website is mandatory and provided data (name, address, telephone number, email and shirt size) are needed to verify the Participants.

13.7. It is the responsibility of each participant is a mobile phone number at which the participant will be available during the Run.

13.8. Each participant must sign a statement in which he declares that participates in the Run at your own risk. Such a statement would be completed at registration at the start.

13.9. There is no entry fee refundable in case of cancellation of the Participant, regardless of the reason for the resignation.

13.10. The organisers reserve the right to share additional persons, among the representatives of the sponsors, organizers and Rescue lifeguards.

14. Base and office occupations

14.1. The Run office will be located in a school in Krempna.

14.2. Office will be open from Friday, August 16th from 12 noon to Saturday, August 18nd at 9 PM.

14.3. Address Base School in Krempna, Krempna 45, 38-232 Krempna

15. Accomodation

The entry fee Base provide accommodation Occupations in travel conditions: floor at school (collective meeting required own sleeping bag and mattress), access to toilets and showers.

Seekers of higher standards can choose from very wide range of accommodation in Krempna and surroundings

16. Final agreements

16.1. These regulations define the rules for the Ultramarathon Magurski

16.2. The Rules apply to all individuals and institutions associated with Run, including the Organiser and Participants.

16.3. Settlement of disputes belongs to the Organiser.

16.4. Bylaws are subject to change, and the changes will be published on the official website Ultramarathon Magurski.

16.5. Cases not provided for in these Terms and Conditions shall be settled by the Organiser.

16.6. The final interpretation of these provisions is one of the Organisers.

16.7. Failure to comply with the Rules will result in disqualification.