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The registration for the 7th edition of Magurski Ultramarathon is open – sign up on the registration website.

In 2021 you can choose from 4 different routes:

→ More information about running trails you can find on Route website.

→ Before signing up we recommend to read our Event Entry Terms & Conditions.

→ You can check the run participants lists on this website.

Important update about registration fee

Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 pandemic situation we decided to split the event participantion fee into two parts – the registration fee and the entry fee. When you register online on our running event, we will charge only the registration fee – 30 PLN (to be paid up to 14 days after registration).  You will be able to pay the remaining part (total event participation fee minus registration fee 30 PLN) starting from June 2021.

What you should know about the registration fee (30 PLN):

  • The registration fee is non-refundable.
  • The registration fee (as well as the entry fee) may be transferred to another event participant (in accordance with the rules described in Event Entry Terms & Conditions).
  • In case of event cancellation the registration fee will be allocated to a souvenir package for the virtual run. The souvenir package will be delivered directly to the event participant by post. 

Information about total event participation fee (which varies depends on payment time):


Running Trail

June 2021

July/ August 2021

22 km

75 PLN (- 30 PLN)

90 PLN (-30 PLN)

45 km

160 PLN (-30 PLN)

180 PLN (-30 PLN)

65 km

185 PLN (-30 PLN)

205 PLN (-30 PLN)

105 km

185 PLN (-30 PLN)

205 PLN (-30 PLN)

* If you have paid the registration fee 30 PLN this amount should be deducted from the total event participation fee. For example: in June the event participation fee for Ultra 105 km runners is 185 PLN. As you already paid 30 PLN as the registration fee, you need to pay in June an additional 150 PLN. 

More detailed information can be found in our Event Entry Terms & Conditions.