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Magurski Ultramarathon offers three though and exciting routes through the Magurski National Park:

– MaguRun 22 km (Friday)

– Ultramarathon 65+ km (Saturday)

– Ultramarathon 100+ km (Saturday)

As for the Ultramarathon, it is your choice if you want to run the shorter distance (65+ km) or join the thoughest players and made it rough (100+ km). This decision can be made at the control point in Ożenna.

Both ultra distances will be certified by ITRA(International Trail Running Association)

You can check map of each trail and download tracks on below links:


ULTRA 65+ km

ULTRA 100+ km

22 km distance

65+ km distance

100+ km distance

Long route is a typical mountain ultramarathon with significant run-ups and sharp fugitives. You can take a breather on the half way of the trail but challenging the Wisloka river does not guarantee a dry crossing it. The route runs the vast majority of mountain trails.

If you have any questions please contact us by email: