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Which are the best Polish wines? From Vanellus Winery!

Let me quote our partner Vanellus Winery „both sport and vine is part of healthy lifestyle, so why not combine these two passions?” 🙂 We totally agree, not only Italian or French wines are on top level! Last year our runners won delicious wines sponsored by our partner.

Few interesting facts about Vanellus Winery:

  • It was founded in 2005 as small family winery. They produce mostly white wines, however you can find also red and pink wines in whole range. Lot of wines were awarded in wine contests and you can taste them in the best restaurants and wine bats.
  • Winery’s owners are real wine-artists. They produce white wine from red grapes and experiment with different types of barrels used while wine production.
  • Wince naming convention come from… time of the day, e.g. MANE = morning, VESPERUM = evening
  • Have you seen winery’s logo? If not – check below. Bird is a symbol of lapwing, in Latin – vanellus. What’s more Mrs Barbara and Mr Mariusz surname is Czajka (which in Polish means lapwing as well). Nothing happens by accident 🙂

Hopefully we have encouraged you to visit our partners winery for a little testing 🙂 All necessary information you can find on this contact page. Cheers! 🙂