ARCHIVES Marzec 2018

Change of track on the 92km distance

We changed little bit the distance of 92 km comparing to the last year track. The difference gives you 3km less of asphalt and 3 km more of beautiful field and forest path. You’ll find a new track here


Accomodation in Krempna

For all participants we’ve prepared classes in the local school where you can say for two nights from friday up to sunday. In the school you’ll have a chance to take a shower, take a coffee or fill the phone or laptop batteries. Just you need to remember that we cannot guarantee the sleeping bags…


Owl as a IV edition pattern

As you may know Ultramarathon Magurski has an animal pattern for each edition. After wolf, bear, lynx and eagle it’s time for owl. Popular bird in Magurski National Park and we must say that it’s very photogenic 😉 You’ll find it on all the gadgets of Ultramarathon Magurski.