New distance 63km on Magurski Ultramarathon

Here are the main differences between our old 58 distance and new 63km run. Tracks will lead you on the hills placed in the western part of Magurski National Park. The time limit stays the same (12hr). Runners will have a chance to visit the paths which where till now dedicated only for long distance…


Which are the best Polish wines? From Vanellus Winery!

Let me quote our partner Vanellus Winery „both sport and vine is part of healthy lifestyle, so why not combine these two passions?” 🙂 We totally agree, not only Italian or French wines are on top level! Last year our runners won delicious wines sponsored by our partner. Few interesting facts about Vanellus Winery: It…


Time for relax – ULTRA Relaxation Zone!

As promised, this year we will find time to relax as well. Together with our partner – – we would like invite you to Relaxation Zone, where you can find a lot awesome attractions like: sunbeds, yoga classes, table football, badminton and many many more! We have something extra for your kids as well…